10 Things I Love About Lahore I Facts About Lahore

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This is a video about Lahore city which is one of the unique, historic, and oldest city of the sub-continent. In the sub-continent, we will hardly see any city which has such a rich history as Lahore. It is said that Lahore has the capacity to absorb all types of cultures. That’s why it is also called the city of Zinda Dilan e Lahore.

It is also the 2nd biggest city in Pakistan. Here you will find the healthiest environment of Pakistan. It is also known as the queen of cities and the capital of Pakistani province Punjab.
A tourist which desires to see attractions in any city will find in Lahore.

This city has architecture, unbelievable sites, stunning views, friendly faces, open heart, ancient civilizations, timeless charms, delicious foods and it is safe. In short, Lahore is simply incredible. It is one of those places which I recommend to people to visit at least once in their life.

Lahore is one of the oldest city in South Asia. Hindus remain the rulers of this city. Mughals, Sikhs, and then finally the British came here. It is said that Mughals liked all those places which were situated next to the Bank of the river.

Lahore was selected for administrative purposes. The ruling period of Humayun, Akbar, Jehangir, Shah Jahan are considered as a golden time for Lahore. We will be not wrong if Lahore may be called as the cultural heart of Pakistan. Historic Gates, neevin masjid, narrowest streets, Hindustan commercial bank, pani wala talaab, dhobi ghat, ancient mosques, and many more places you will find here.

In every street of Lahore, we will find diversity and one feels really happy to see that how people respect each other. This city has 10 amazing facts which one needs to know. But watch the video to find out WHY! And let me know your favorite city in Pakistan is?

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