Armed Robbers Not Ready For Rich Guy's Bodyguard

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23 thoughts on “Armed Robbers Not Ready For Rich Guy's Bodyguard”

  1. Once you choose to do Evil things, Humanity goes out the window. And you doesn't belong to God.

    Choose: God or Devil?

    All those who protects evil people are the Demons themselves and should be put beside these Perps. No one will miss you.

  2. I'm glad the Bodyguard is alert and scored !!!! I'm just a poor guy, but I love Watches …

    And for these idiots to think they can just Rob anyone anywhere ..
    Yeah … Death waits for you, and that's just the beginning …
    They still have Judgment waiting for them in the afterlife.

  3. I make a habit of shooting off my entire EDC mag of defensive ammo at silhouette target at 30 feet first thing when I go to the range. It lets me know what would have happened if I had to use the firearm in self defense that day. So far I’ve had no issues getting off a full magazine with all rounds on target.

  4. Even though the guard chased the robbers outside and followed them, they were still shooting at the store which I think warrants the follow-up gunfire as their blind shooting could've struck someone in the store even though they were fleeing.

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