Asking 100 Girls For Sex (Social Experiment)

Asking 100 Girls For Sex Part 2 ►

Asking 1,000 Girls For Sex (Tinder) ►

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Brian ►

There is a saying that goes that if you ask enough girls (in this case 100) to have sex with you, at least one will say yes. I’m not sure who to attribute that assertion to, but it’s clearly wrong. I had a pretty strong feeling going in that I wasn’t going to be very successful. What I didn’t expect though, was that the vast majority of girls found it amusing and actually cracked up.

I wanted to do a social experiment comparing and contrasting how males and females respond differently to being outright asked if they want to have sex. I had a pretty good idea of how it was all going to go down beforehand, but I thought it would make for an interesting and entertaining video nevertheless.

Guy Asking 100 Girls To Have Sex Social Experiment


31 thoughts on “Asking 100 Girls For Sex (Social Experiment)”

  1. They don't do sex just because they don't know you, they don't know if you got some kind of sexual virus or they don't know if you are some pervert killer. Most of them will tell you "sorry, I don't". The 90% will tell you "sorry, I don't". Only whores will tell you yes for a price.

  2. I have never been with girl I was extreemly a hot young buff guy, now im older 57 and as I got older it got esier to meet young hot girls… young colledge gitls especially. They like my looks obviously and wealth they aslo like the maturity and finachel and emotional supprort a guy there age cant give them…Get older guys be good looking if you want some reakl babes… so far I am nervous and need to just try it – they dont relize I have never been with a girl in my life

  3. 0:43 actually wanted to.. But she wanted a little more smoothness 😊.. 'I don't know' means.. Yess, but you need to work a little harder. To bad it's 9 years ago 😅 and nobody, ever, is going to read this.

  4. he didn’t offer anything . If he would’ve said… would you be interested in having sex with me for $500 the outcome would’ve been different .

    Especially all the little whores that laughed and giggled, then said no 🤔.

    I’m telling you half of those little slut whores would let you stretch them out for $500 . They would love every minute of it and every stroke.

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