Turkey has become a cheap holiday destination as the Turkish Lira has devalued recently, but do you know the best Turkish resorts and what they offer? In this film we take a brief look at some of the most popular Turkish holiday resorts and explain why its so cheap this year.
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38 thoughts on “BEST TURKISH RESORTS”

  1. My family and I have been to Turkey a number of times and it's always been marmaris the last time we stayed at the Julien club hotel in armutulen and we found that the staff could not do enough for you then the grand bazaar the people in there were brilliant,we are going back in August this year and we cannot wait,my grandson who was 3 years old and who was made a fuss of by the staff can't wait to get back to his holiday home as he calls it I could go on all night about how great marmaris is but I won't.

  2. Hi again me and the wife maxine are out there in kusadasi Friday Turkey 🇹🇷 just keeps getting better will be retiring at 56 next year we can't wait to live in paradise 😋

  3. Great video. Just returned from a week in Marmaris. Apart from the area around the old town/Castle I thought it was a horrible place. Just a long strip of modern buildings, hotels, shops, restaurants, bars etc. Lots of British fish and chips and Irish bars blaring out loud music day and night, will definitely not be returning any time soon. Kas or Kalkan look a much better option.

  4. I have been going to Turkey for over 20 years, we just got home yesterday
    The price of everything has gone up anything from 50% to 100%
    The Turks are literally trying every trick in the book to rip everyone off.
    Do not be fooled by the weak lira nonsense, the locals are taking the piss with their prices.
    95 lira for an effes -yes thats £4..75 for a bottle of effes. Cocktails are £12 each
    The bars no longer sell local spirits just ( so called) premium spirits at £8 to £14 a go.
    It's literally cheaper to go to San Tropez now than Turkey

  5. Please can you advise us on how long after buying a property of 250.000£ can the owner stay in turkey while applying for Turkish citizenship, would really appreciate your help. Thanks mark

  6. Hi I would love to come to Turkey but worried that I will see lots of stray cats and dogs as I get really upset it's there alot of them there thanks xx

  7. Hi Mick, just started watching your videos, really helpful, I am looking to move to turkey on my own to start a new life from the Uk, I was just wondering if fethiye or didim would be better to live as I don’t speak Turkish and wanted to make new friends in Turkey , also is it easy to rent in turkey as I wanted to rent before buying and wanted to bring my 2 cats out to live with me, appreciate any help

  8. Very misleading – Yes the Turkish currency has taken a hit but it doesnt mean that foreigners are getting anything any cheaper, shops restaurants etc this year have really whacked up their prices and a 50cl beer for example is around £3 (50-60lira) , the business owners watch the exchange rate like hawks and adjust their prices inline with it, im afraid to say but Turkey is no longer the cheap /value destination it once was .

  9. Thank you mick & Trudy for the wonderful introduction to Turkey and some of it fantastic resorts. It’s been a few years since I was last in turkey. But just been reminded again of this wonderful place on earth, has now convinced me to go back next year. Thank you again mick & Trudy..

  10. The most important reason for not spending holidays in Turkey is the presence of Russians and their vulgar behavior. Especially after the start of the war and the invasion of Ukraine. They are everywhere and they act very arrogant. For this reason, Turkey is now at the end of my choice as a holiday destination.


  12. Only the British will use this to promote a country that has become a dictatorship and a regional aggressor.Of course the Brits will only care what goes in their stomach and down their throat.Stop and look at what tis country is inflicting on its people and the wanker that is running it and you will see a different storey.Not saying that the people are not hospitable but they are going through hell with this plonker Erdogan.The words freedom and democracy do not exist in this country.Their people are going through massive economic problems as well.They can take their doner kebab and stick it up their arse.Freedom and democracy are more important.Would not go there today even if it was free.

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