Big Shopping Mall HILLTOWN | Prices in Turkey 2022

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Big Shopping Mall HILLTOWN | All prices are in Turkish Lira, EUR, USD, GBP

00:00 Intro. Hilltown Shopping Mall in Izmir, Turkey 2022
01:04 Restaurants at Hilltown Shopping Mall in Izmir, Turkey
01:27 HM, European Clothing Store (low/mid-priced)
03:05 Roles luxury watches at Hilltown Shopping Mall in Izmir, Turkey
03:34 ZARA, European Clothing Store (low/mid-priced)
06:03 ZARA Home, Cat sleeping on the couch 🙂
06:55 Nero cafe and Starbucks
07:10 Mavi, Turkish Clothing Store, mostly jeans (low-priced)
07:45 COLIN’S, Turkish Clothing Store (low-priced)
08:40 Decathlon, European sporting goods shop (low-priced)
10:31 Gratis, personal hygiene and cosmetics Turkish store (low/mid-priced)
11:52 MUDO, Turkish Clothing Store (mid-priced)
12:58 PULL&BEAR, European Clothing Store (low/mid-priced)
14:18 Stradivarius, European Clothing Store (low-priced)
16:03 Berska, European Clothing Store (low-priced)
17:20 Food Court at Hilltown Shopping Mall in Izmir, Turkey
20:17 Cinemaximum movie theatre, prices for tickets
20:44 PlayTown, children’s play zone
20:47 MediaMarkt, European electronics shop, prices for MacBook and iPhones
21:28 LC Waikiki, Turkish Clothing Store (low-priced)
23:45 Paintings for sale at Hilltown Shopping Mall in Izmir, Turkey 2022
24:36 Koton, Turkish Clothing Store (low-priced)

Hilltown Karşıyaka Shopping Mall in Izmir, Turkey 2022
Address: Yalı, 6522. Sk. No:3, 35550 Karşıyaka/İzmir
Hours: Mon-Sun 10AM-10PM


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18 thoughts on “Big Shopping Mall HILLTOWN | Prices in Turkey 2022”

  1. Hi, are there particular brands or chain stores that specialise only in plus size clothing? Thankyou, Fi – new sub from Australia, visiting Turkiye next year and hoping to grab some bargains 🙂

  2. Once again another well made brilliant informative video Olga and so up to date , how far is this mall from kusadasi and what would you recommend on how to get to this mall

  3. Hi Olga , you go to one of my favorite Shopping Malls in Izmir togheter with Istinye Park at the other Site of Izmir ;)…In Euro the Apple Mac Book Pro was the same price like in Germany ( interesting )

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