Bob Costas Sandusky Interview – Guilty

Bob Costas interviewed Penn State University defensive coach Jerry Sandusky who is facing numerous allegations of sexual abuse in a scandal that got Joe Paterno fired. Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur discuss on The Young Turks.

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27 thoughts on “Bob Costas Sandusky Interview – Guilty”

  1. Am I sexually attracted to Ana Kasparian? Sexually attracted? You know, I enjoy watching videos with her in them, I have to wipe drool off the side of my face afterward…but no, I'm not sexually attracted to Ana.

  2. No, common sense would tell you that sleeping with a 14-year old is morally wrong because it's plainly obvious that a 14-year old is still a kid, and that's where I agree with the law- starting at the age of 18 for porn is the right call. So no, we wouldn't all suddenly think it's okay that sleeping with 14 year olds is right if such a sick law was legal if you understand that such a young age is basically still a child.

  3. usa has gown down to sewer i cant belive they cant anymore regognice right and wrong if its not clearly pointed in of law i understand that money buys freedom in usa but damn when childrens are involve as a victim no matter who is it you should always put the guilty to the max investigation, atheists say we dont need no god human moral is enough but increase of these crimes show again that peoples do what they belive is right NOT WHAT THEY KNOW IS RIGHT ACCORDING TO LAW same goes for catholics

  4. only in america if man is being clearly known for hes pedophile acts there are peoples who are being protesting or do anything for crimal so not be convicted yet alone where accused himselve feels he dont deserve to be putted in jail

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