Border Turkey-Greece: The river of death | VPRO Documentary

Why is the border between Turkey and Greece a river of death? The border between Greece and Turkey is a focal point. The river Evros is a death zone. The river has become a death river because of the many refugees who want to flee from Turkey to Greece. What is happening on the border between Greece and Turkey? A documentary about a border region that has turned into a death zone.

Dutch journalist Bram Vermeulen travels in four episodes along the Turkish border, where new power relations are being established around the Mediterranean. New orientations and developments are taking place, with enormous consequences for the people who live there. Vermeulen travels to the border areas of Greece, Cyprus, Syria and Iraq in search of the real borders with their neighbours. Four borders, four stories about life on both sides of the border. In this episode our journalist travels to the border between Greece and Turkey.

The border between Greece and Turkey is not only the border between two countries. It marks the division between rich Europe and a world of poverty, war and violence. No wonder that this is the gateway to paradise for many migrants. The border is literally and figuratively fluid, because hundreds of people die every year in the river that separates Turkey from Greece. They try to reach Europe, paradise.

The inhabitants of the border region are watching the flow of refugees. It reminds them of their own history. When the Ottoman Empire disintegrated after the First World War, the Greeks and Turks who lived on the wrong side of the new border were simply expelled. For them too, the border had become an insurmountable barrier. The border police did everything possible to stop the flow of refugees, and with European money a fence was erected at the border. The Turks, who are still not allowed to belong to the European Union, are to act as gatekeepers on their side. And the refugees? They will continue to try to make their dream – to reach Europe – come true. No fence will ever be high enough to nip the hope of a better life in the bud.

Original title: Langs de Grenzen van Turkije: Poort naar Europa: Greece (1/4)

Presented by: Bram Vermeulen
Director: Stefanie de Brouwer, Doke Roman
Camera: Erik van Empel, Jacko van ‘t Hof
Sound: Bert van den Dungen, Rik Meier
Production: Nellie Kramer
Editor: Obbe verwer

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48 thoughts on “Border Turkey-Greece: The river of death | VPRO Documentary”

  1. now tell me man and the admin of this channel should answer this comment / are you happy to see the refugees grave ? do you happy to see the people who scaped from them countrys because of the europians and america ?? we all know why these people scaped from them countrys and we know who start these war in yamen afganistan iraq and … i can only say shame on you greece

  2. We are all God’s children and one big family , it is sad that inhumane conditions have forced these beautiful people out of their homes , before anyone would judge them , let the person put them in his/her shoes .
    Forget about semantics, they lovely and wonderful people that are fighting battles far beyond their capacity to contain.
    God bless

  3. Nice job and video ! Immigration is a problem that creating by the Europeans economies and wars for a loooong time ago ! The imperialism have to pay the bill NOW !

  4. They talked about Iranians all through the video but I saw no Iranians. VPRO needs to fact check or maybe it is on purpose. Iranians have no reason to leave their beautiful country. Makes me wonder about the motives behind this documentary.

    Furthermore, the war in Syria and Libya was caused by westerners. Libya was so prosperous that right before the fall of Gaddafi it had a per capita GDP greater than that of European countries. Guess who profited from that war? BINGO

  5. As a Greek i have only one question to make.
    Why all these poor refugees spending thousand Euros in order to pay Turkish dealers instead of using these money to buy tickets and travel to Greece in a legal way?

  6. The Greek police finds refugees 100km inside Greece and brings them in Turkish border and robs them hits them and take their clothes and shoes and sends them to Turkey. Greece violates international law by sending refugess

  7. I was there few days ago, its really hard now to cross, i have a friend who learned Greek in istanbul, but when he talked with the police in greek and english they slapped his face a lot..
    Maybe because he was better than them with 4 languages

  8. Palestina has ambasy in Turkey. What kind of journalist is this man. First you have to do good reseurch. This man can almost no word Turkish and translating is very bad.

  9. From Mali? xaxaxa why not from South Africa? Becouse the turkish military and MIT has no influance there or they not welcome with what they do? They take those young ers and train them to kill Europeans one day and that day is soon. These are mercenaries

  10. Those who destroy their documents and passports to deceive and take advantage of generous European charity must be put on the lowest priority list or be sent back to their 'supposed' country of origin immediately. Europe is not a milk and honey free for all state. Even the Deli Lama says this.

  11. Your program is so one sided Holland and Europeans created war in suria left turkey alone afterwards. We host 9 million refugees whole Europe can’t host 1 million by the way bring our stolen lilies to!

  12. If you got caught at the border if Turkey at the time we said we came from Greece and they will send you back to Greece and if the Greek caught you at their border they will send you back to Turkey and that's what happened to us we got caught by Greek they send us back to Turkey and then at the turkey we went to the army and we're like we came from Greece and they sent us back to Greece and that's how we came the second time in Greece and we made it

  13. I crossed the river from Turkey to Greece in 1998 very dangerous river a lot of people lost their lives there thank God we all crossed at that time

  14. oh c'mon , whats with the fake , plastic skull 18:44 that really the best u could do and stooping so low faking evidence to fit the narrative of ur "documentary" ???
    Apart from looking cheap and nasty (ie nasal cavity/ bones) it was the jaw bone and skull almost perfectly in situate that got my attention since they normally get separated after tissue decays , then I spot the hole on the skull by the top of the jaw bone …. where they CLICK TOGETHER . ffs thats just pathetic and really sloppy .
    Just the jaw bone would maybe have been plausible, Im guessing a gust of wind blew the 'hand' back into the water and it floated off down river throwing gang signs .lol

    FAIL – credibility FAIL , cant believe another word u say or film footage u show as factual , honest or a true . Just go hang your head in SHAME and dont make anymore doc's !

  15. Definitely when some countries start wars in other countries, or take advantage of their natural resources or purchase their crops on very cheap prices, so those people can never come out of poverty then this is bound to happen. Western countries use corrupt politicians of those countries to take advantage. But remember when poverty will spread all around, they will move towards your countries. Its the history of mankind. You can never ever be able to stop them, unless you do fair trade deals with those countries and don't back those corrupt politcians. We all need to make this world a better place.

  16. This is not a sustainable situation, how do we expect Africa and the Middle East to ever get better if all the strong able bodied men are leaving, what’s going to be left which means obviously they are going to keep coming, and there will be conflict with the locals, we need to trade more with the country’s where these people are coming from to build them up and help them remain stable and the problem with illegal immigration will stop.

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