Cost of Living in Istanbul in 2022 (Salaries, Rent, Utilities, Grocery) MONTHLY EXPENSES

Cost of Living in Istanbul in 2022 (Salaries, Rent, Utilities, Grocery) MONTHLY EXPENSES
For the past years, Turkey has been chosen as one of the favorite spots, especially for digital nomads, usually, they pick Istanbul or in general Turkey as a base to move around and make money at the same time.

If you are wondering about the cost of living in Istanbul in 2022, from an expat’s view living in Istanbul for the past 6 years, then this video will definitely explain to you all you have to know before moving to Turkey.

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00:00 – Intro
00:33 – General Information
01:59 – Salaries
04:56 – Housing
10:35 – Utilities
14:05 – Food & Groceries
18:19 – Transportation
20:22 – How much money do you need in total?
20:58 – What will make the difference in your monthly budget?
22:34 – Is it worth living in Türkiye in 2022 ?


23 thoughts on “Cost of Living in Istanbul in 2022 (Salaries, Rent, Utilities, Grocery) MONTHLY EXPENSES”

  1. I am from Europe, can you help me with this issue, if someone need to consider a job there. What abut Sharia Law,. Do non Muslims have to pay a jizyah? Will it make the cost of living and their safety to live and work difficult as a non Muslim? Will Christians be able to go to church? Will my wife be stone to death if she commit adulty or dress in shorts pants or skirt. Will my six year old daughter have to follow Islamic custom and marry to someone older that her. Europeans need to know these things before moving there to live and work.

  2. Tell me again, how you can only be a good moslem woman, with a hagib, or birka. Remember here, on the Arab peninsular, these are VERY HOT CLIMATES. WHY are women forced to suffer, when men wear short sleeves and shorts??
    And don't say places like Saudia Arabia, Where the rich go from air conditioned limos, to air conditioned homes and buildings. WHILE POOR WOMEN SUFFER FROM THE HEAT??
    Who DOESN'T cherish their women?? And…why???

  3. You are right Mam. For the past several years, my friends and colleagues had been encouraging me to visit Turkey not only because it is a beautiful country but also the food and shopping are very cheap. Finally, I visited Turkey in November 2022 and found the prices of food and shopping were not as cheap as claimed to be. Perhaps it was then but not anymore. Nonetheless, I truly enjoyed the country, touristic places replete with deep history, the interiors, magnificent infrastructure, etc. Foodwise, it was bland as I am used to spicy food. Nevertheless, I stuck to Turkish food and avoided western fastfood outlets. I wouldn't mind going there again.

  4. Merci beaucoup pour tous ces précieux renseignements. J’aimerai vivre en Turquie 6 mois de l’année puisque je suis à la retraite. J’adorais vivre à Bebek et je n’ai aucune idée de combien cela pourrait coûter par mois de loyer. Je recherche un appartement meublé avec un salon et une chambre. Pouvez-vous me dire s’il est facile de trouver ce genre d’habitation et me donner un prix approximatif ? Merci encore pour vos vidéos qui me rendent vraiment service.

  5. Hi
    I m considering migrating to Turkey. I would be very grateful if you ket me know of the asian areas to live in Turkey plus where there ia more asian markets to visit pls.

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