Deadliest Serial Killers of All Time | History Countdown

Join us as we explain the wildest, weirdest, most shocking moments of all time in History Countdown –

Uncover the true and horrific stories of 11 of the deadliest serial killers of all time, in this episode of History Countdown. #HistoryCountdown
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36 thoughts on “Deadliest Serial Killers of All Time | History Countdown”

  1. Let's be honest about something real quick: these men were responsible for a lot of death, but nothing close to the body counts of even modern political leaders. For God's sakes, Obama murdered multiple American citizens without charge, cause, or warrant. He murdered a 16 year old American child in Yemen. He and George W Bush have the blood of millions of Afghans and Iraqis, not to mention the dozen or so other nationals, on their hands. They may not have done so with their bare hands or even touching a drop of blood, but they are every bit as evil as anyone on this list.

  2. The Green River killer Gary Ridgeway was the most prolific serial killer in the US before Samuel Little was caught. Ridgeway has somewhere between 45 and 50 legitimately confirmed murders.

  3. I love when someone on one of these shows describes someone as “The most prolific serial killer in US history”. Funny, I’ve probably heard 58 different people described as that now. 🙄

  4. Isn't there a woman that killed around 600 by selling poison (Aqua fina or something like that was the name of the poison) to women who wanted to get rid of there husbands? I believe she was convicted for all the deaths and executed. I'm surprised she isn't of the list

  5. You know it may be cuz I'm a guy but I dont see were ted Bundy looked normal or "good looking". He looks like a psycho to me. I don't see were his looks would have put anyone at ease. Am I the only one that feels like this.

  6. Ummm @HISTORY folks; at 1:09 narrator says; “he was convicted of killing 33 people”…
    He was convicted of killing 33 CHILDREN!!! (That is more fitting than just saying people lol). (Possibly many more).

  7. I happy they're dead because what drove them to do those things is horrible. Any one who can kill like these men have make me sick. R.i.p. but good riddance.

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