28 thoughts on “Drive-Thru Bikini Girls Busted for Prostitution- Let 'Em Go!!!”

  1. @blackmaxpayne Kids can see this moron, just another proof about what perverts men are.
    A few seconds of their erotic experience are worth the destruction of anyone else…selfish

  2. wow, look at the way this guy talks. All I can say is that anything and everything this guy says has lost merit and all credibility. We can see what kind of guy he truly is.

  3. I bet you 16 bux that if that lady who was offended were to sell her house, she'd get a lot more for it than before the grab and go opened up there. HAH what guy woulndt want that house?? free boonanies all day, just look out the window.. ahh what a view.

  4. Two legal things, sex and exchange of goods and services, are illegal when combined. Exception is filming for porn! That's a wtf right there.

    Maybe a logical reason for illegal prostitution is that solicitation would be a problem in some neighborhoods. But that's what zoning laws are for.

  5. im a girl and i think this is awesome,besides its no diffrent than what happens in strip clubs,id only have a problem if kids were seeing it,besides its not like the girls are touching the guys,tits on your way to work lol

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