Soft White Underbelly interview and portrait of Ocean, an escort in Los Angeles.

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32 thoughts on “Escort-Ocean”

  1. She said she was scared & crying when she first started this work, & kept going back to this work, but Mark didn't follow up on her comment. She's so bubbly & smart, I wish her the best wherever life takes her. She can do anything she puts her mind to.

  2. I liked hearing that her brother apologized to her repeatedly for molesting her, and that she seemed to honestly forgave him.
    You don’t hear much about that kind of reconciliation. Those kinds of things shatter and are some of the worst of taboos.
    So to hear that was cool.

  3. She was so high ….it is prostitution…sex for money … regular drug use … making money … 25 years old … lifestyle… customers spent lots of money on her…travel.. using men … bills

  4. Those vinyl laces wrapped around her legs make her look like a human sausage. And yeah, that nervous laugh is covering up a lot of sh*t, as many of you have already noted. So much concealed misery in this world. We seem to be in the final throes; soon this will all be a fading memory.

  5. Prostitution is not a healthy lifestyle. She is at risk of being seriously harmed even murdered. She seems to be high and her laughter is false. Change your lifestyle go back to college or get a safer job. Mark it is a degrading life being abused by men get real. You are deluded both of you.

  6. Only talking about how cute she is is very offputting. I just don’t believe this girl it’s called laughs and pickles, but there’s something very dark and series year that she just is not going to confront.

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