Flying with a 4 month old BABY | Her first flight

Shop our baby travel essentials: Flying with a baby? We flew from Toronto to London with our 4 month old baby Kai and vlogged the entire experience. We share how to prepare for flying with a baby and what the actual flying experience is like with a baby.

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25 thoughts on “Flying with a 4 month old BABY | Her first flight”

  1. I am planning our trip to Australia at the moment, still trying to find out which seats go with the bassinet and how to make sure to get them – another 50 chatbots later I maybe know more

  2. Love picking a video about flying with a baby and discovering that it's a) Canadian and b) the same route I'm taking! Bean will be a year and it's just me going though 😬

  3. Lucky you. Air India, Indigo even though they have a concept of a bassinet seat in the aircraft, they DO NOT provide any bassinet for thr babies under 2 years of age and moreover the tickets for infants in chargeable.

  4. Dude, I am the father of 2 month old princess, such videos was never in my feed……you know, but I really like your video, I see now flying with a baby is not a rocket science and really doable. Quality of picture very good. Good luck you all.

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