Friday Sermon: The Canadian Tour 2016: 18th November 2016 (Urdu)

Friday Sermon delivered by Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.
Recorded on 18th November 2016.

Huzoor(aba) has already alluded to the activities of Jalsa Canada۔Now he will narrate the remainder of the six-week tour. Hazrat Khalifatul-Masih(aba) inaugurated three mosques in Canada and Hudhur delivered various addresses at peace symposiums in Parliament, York University, Toronto and Calgary. Hazrat Khalifatul-Masih(aba) during his speech in Parliament explained that muslims only should not be blamed, your actions have caused issues as well. Israel delegate: t was important message of peace and my view about Islam has changed . Address should published & spread throughout the world. Senior Immigration Judge said that It was a clear message which made us aware of our shortcomings and weaknesses. One Sunni Imam: This speech has laid foundation of peace in the world, no one party was blamed and it is because of whole world. Anyone can commit mistake. All those subjects which were required were explained. Parliament Hill media coverage included Prime Minister tweeting the picture of the meeting This coverage through news reached 4.5 million. Guest: When I listened to the Hudhur’s speech in parliamnet, I could not imagine that one Muslim leader will speak with such zeal and courage. 3rd function was held in York university, which is the 3rd biggest university of Canada, with 11 faculties, 53K students, 7K teachers. Saskatoon: 1.78 million people in total got the message through press and media. Professor: This message was though provoking This was the best lecture that I have ever heard in context to a religious message. The Media coverage in Regina was notable due to inauguration of the mosque. The message reached around 1.97 million people. Lloydminster was next stop, there too new mosque was inaugurated. Mosque Inauguration function was attended by many non-ahmadi guests. Former PM of Canada Stephen Harper: I have seen Imam Jamat’s speeches at various places, and he always spread the beautiful message of Islam. Huzoor(aa) then visited Calgary. A Peace Symposium was organized on Nov 11. About 600 guests attended. Mayor of Calgary whose Aga Khani, said: Islamic teachings were presented with great courage. That there’s no extremism in Islam. Guest: Imam Jamat’s sermon was focused on peace. I used to be afraid of Islam, but today my fear has vanished. Guest: I really liked that Imam Jama’at mentioned in front of former PM that west is involved in world crisis. Various channels and newspapers gave coverage – Calgary Reach: 5 million received the message. During the tour of Canada, media coverage caused the message to reach 40 million 30 Radio stations resulted in 800K reach Social Media, electronic media – 14.6 million reach Roughly 60 Million people were reached through media whether news channels or newspapers throughout Canada Tour. This is Grace of Allah and we should pay heed. We should recall that in all of our tasks, our intentions should be to convey teachings of Islam, establish Unity. Ahmadis of Peace Village should understand true objective of forming a relationship with Allah.

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