How Air Traffic Control Works

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23 thoughts on “How Air Traffic Control Works”

  1. Hey all, so in case you didn't see the announcement video, we launched a new scripted podcast last Wednesday called Extremities. It's all about why and how people live in earth's most isolated and extreme settlements.

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  2. I wonder why not more people want to become air traffic controllers.
    Controllers have a very good salary that can even ovetake a pilot's salary, but without the risk.
    As long as you can handle the stress and are fine with shift work, it's a cool job all around I'd say.

  3. Hey Wendover!
    I know rhis video is a bit old, but I thought you might like to hear that your videos are officially being used as part of curriculum at a major university!
    I just had a major bruh moment actually because I've never experienced an instructor use video from a youtube I was already familiar with, but nonetheless she has, and I just thought I'd give you the heads up that your videos are really making a difference and are well crafted enough for people at really big institutions to take notice 🙂

  4. Air Traffic Control is not complicated enough to need this video. If they had to they could manage just with Bruce Willis lighting a barrel of oil (like one of his Die Hard films).

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