How North India is different from South India

We often talk about the differences between the north and the south and have a lot of arguments about them. This week let’s delve deeper and understand the reasons for those differences.

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45 thoughts on “How North India is different from South India”

  1. Faltu video, faltu ki English, cuteness Hain Lekin kyun chahiye? Aur English Kyu bol Rahi Hain ye aurat? Meko kharaab baatein nahi Karni hain par Kya point Hain ye video ka ? Padhai karo na yaar chup chap !! Ye sala YouTube ne Kyu kia suggest faltu chtiyap ….Bhagwan

  2. South Indians are generally more polite and cultured. I have travelled from Nizamuddin (Delhi) to Mangalore by train (3 days and 2 nights). As the train moves from North to South, I can see the obvious differences. There is less of pushing and yelling! People are more polite and helpful. The taste of water also changes and of course the food too. My favourite state in the south is Karnataka. I really love the kanaddigas!!

  3. Do you mean one mother for south ., north ., east & west… BHARAT Matha !!! This is a pure imagination ., Each state in India has its own mother in their name of Mother tongue… BHARAT Matha is an imaginative reference created by North to fool South ., East & West of INDIA…So as the establish their Domination over all…North Indians think they are the only Authority for whole India .,Whereas South Indians still look for United India…

  4. We are South Indians and we are proud contributors of Indian economy. North india looting all the money from south to feed their bimaru states. Wake up South Indians kick modi out of power

  5. North Indians are hesitate to mingle with south Indians 😂😂😂😂
    But south Indians are one family they are easily to mingle with others
    Tamil loves malayali
    Malayali loves Tamil
    Telugu loves kannada
    Kannada loves Telugu
    That's a unity of south 🔥🔥😎

  6. Great! I've spoken this same topics many times, and their answers for me was,The biggest problem since creation in India is , they said dozens of different languages and nobody respect to others language, also the creator God is one for the whole universe, but here they have hundreds of different gods. So I kept quiet and moved from them.

  7. Yasss! Southern movies have sooo caught up that in today's day n age
    Its way more easier now to watch a southern movie in mathura…than to try and catch a hindi movie in madurai
    Well now folks! the tables have turned and roles are reversed.😂

  8. bolna chahta hu….Jharkhand Bihar Odisha Chhattisgarh ..some Gujarati people …yeh sab Kale hote hai but….tum log South Indian ko hi target kyu karte h

  9. I'm a New Zealander. There's quite a lot of Indians living here and I must say they are so friendly and polite! They're always nice people.
    Edit: oh, and they make great neighbours!

  10. She made video responsibly without using narrative tones like others who want to show how different we are and thus trigger faultlines. I hate those comments who say about south north division or say india is union of states. Such are irresponsible comments. India is a natural union

  11. South indian states if became separate country have gdp combined greater than russia Vietnam. The hdi index is equivalent to that of Qatar. Also the population rate has slowed down in south due to education and awareness and South is more open and polite than North whom are sexist and patriarchal. North states should stop focusing on religion caste and focus on health and education and catch up with us.

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