IVF- Test Tube Baby: Know Why & How It Is Done!

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IVF- Test Tube Baby: Know Why & How It Is Done!

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46 thoughts on “IVF- Test Tube Baby: Know Why & How It Is Done!”

  1. What does being a single parent have to do with a test tube bab? Either the mom already has one or more children, right? So why would she need to have anything to do with test tubing to have a baby,? Couldn't she just have s*x with anohter man and it happen, or is it because some immoral s*x acts can make a woman infertal? I think I have heard of that happening. Wouldn't the mom want the next child she is trying to have have a dad instead of her staying single? A child needs a mamma and a dad.

  2. I have PCOS and I remember how l felt when the doctor toid me it would be hard for me to conceive I now have 4 children very successful pregnancies God blessed me with use of herbs!

  3. So instead of directly Injecting the semen into the women it is injected through an injection.
    But how is semen is extracted in the first place ?
    Do they inject the man's balls!?

  4. Bcas of spreading hype on corona. These process typical nd unhpy couple .yes frst 2 test COVID 4 couple.Aftr planng of both 2 consult dctr of blood groups. They proceed 4 both nd they r suitable or nt

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