Lahore Food | Phajja Siri Paye | Heera Mandi | Goat Feet Stew | Pakistani Street Food

Now this is truly authentic Lahori taste we are talking about. Not even the neighbouring cities of Lahore have been found to be that keen about Paye (feet) or Siri (heads) of goats.
Fazl e Haq or Mr. Phajja was perhaps the first person who commercialized the idea by coming up with a Paye specialty restaurant in Hira Mandi, the Red light district (Taxali gate) named as Phajjay ke Paye. People would (and still) flock to this place every morning and wait in queues to have a breakfast of sticky and rubbery meat of goat feet. The Siri on the other hand is not a breakfast item. A typical Siri meal is accompanied by assortments like Maghaz (brain), Zuban (tongue) and Khad (Jawbone) – everything cooked of course. You eat it with Roti or Kulcha.
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26 thoughts on “Lahore Food | Phajja Siri Paye | Heera Mandi | Goat Feet Stew | Pakistani Street Food”

  1. Video pasand karne ka shukerya, buhut se loag pooch rahay hain ke guruduwaray mai janay ki ijazat kyu nahi mili tu mai ap ko ye bata doon ke security reasons ki waja se wahan mojood police har kisi ko gurudwaray mai nahi janay deti…
    Gurudwaray ki taraf se kisi ke anay janay pe pabandi nahi hai, because of security reasons pakistani security officials do not let everyone enter into the guruduwara specially when you have a camera !!

  2. Ch bilkul fazool taste bahawalpur sy special gy bad ma bohat ghusa aya khud par k ye khany aye itni door r magaz to in ka khany k liaq hi ni.
    Agar paye khany ka mza lena ha to bahawalpur k baba naseer k paye r specialy magaz

  3. Khaq unique hai is sa fazool paya pura pakistan man kse k pass nhe hun k muja smj nhe ate k log is ko atna promote ksy kr dty han taqrbn 3 sal phly naya naya lahore aya to try krna gaya tha wo din or aaj k din bhool k b is bazr man nhe gya kbi or video k chlr man is ko asa e promote kia ja rhy han

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