Libyans Flee as the Fight for Sirte Escalates: VICE News Capsule, March 17

The VICE News Capsule is a news roundup that looks beyond the headlines. Today: Police in Lahore, Pakistan, fire tear gas at Christian protesters, Libyan families flee violence in Sirte, South Korea prepares to repatriate the remains of Chinese soldiers, and plans for a more energy-efficient London Underground.

Protests Against Church Bombings Turn Violent
Police fire tear gas at angry Christian residents following attacks that left at least 17 people dead on Sunday.

Dozens of Families Flee Sirte As Fighting Intensifies
Militias from Misrata plan to attack Islamic State militants in a bid to retake the coastal city.

Defense Ministry to Repatriate Remains of Chinese Soldiers
The bones of 68 troops killed in the Korean War will be handed over to Chinese authorities on Friday.

London Tube is Getting a Boost of Green Energy
​A new plan will outfit an old steam-power station with gas engines to deliver clean energy to the Underground network.​

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26 thoughts on “Libyans Flee as the Fight for Sirte Escalates: VICE News Capsule, March 17”

  1. Doesn't natural gas emit methane as a byproduct which is many times more dangerous as a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide? Just gonna say that "no CO2 emissions" doesn't always mean "clean energy".

  2. the things i hate
    I hate there is more debate about wars and whom we going to be in war with next than peace
    I hate there is more debate on guns than peace and saving lives
    I hate our government keep causing war after war based on lies to support their own pockets
    I hate our government to cause war in other countries just to steal its resources
    I hate when our government think war is the solution to everything
    I hate when our government talk about our troops and how brave they are and yet not one single of their family member serving the war they created
    I hate our government for creating more enemies everyday than friends
    I hate to see our media focuses mostly on negative rather than positive
    I hate to see our media spreading hate among each other on a daily bases either through politics or religion or race
    I hate to see many of you are so brainwashed even the dragonballs wont save your asses
    I hate to see our votes and voice believed to be counted for but in reality its not
    I hate to see bullies everywhere bullying others and yet schools or parents are not doing anything
    I hate to see police acting out as if they forgot whom they serving and why they choose to be police officer in the first place
    I hate to see racism where its still alive, its like its your fucking choice to be born whatever the fuck you want to be born as
    I hate to see divorces are now a common thing 
    I hate to see women marry and divorce their husbands for materialistic crap..and i have experienced that
    I hate to see more domestic abuse on a daily bases 
    I hate to see many people who spread positive into others are not mentioned
    I hate to see someone mistreated or abused in anyway 
    I hate to see junk food is more affordable than healthy food
    I hate to see humans are no longer humans where animals are more human than humans

  3. Fuck you Libya, some Americans remember the Barbary Wars, most were never taught about them, but I wont forget how much gold libya stole from young American, just cuz we weren't muslims

  4. I still don't understand why on earth the Chinese had helped the North Koreans and still aid them today. Don't they know the evil shit that the Kim dynasty does to their own people?

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