MHPSS Training Varies Region And Culture Wise

MHPSS Training Varies Region And Culture Wise

Here Dr Tahira Rubab Hafeez is explaining that, although the most obvious aspects of culture include clothes, cuisine, and architecture, culture is a deeply psychological phenomenon. Culture is a pattern of meaning that helps us comprehend how the world works. This information is shared by a group of individuals and passed down from generation to generation. This module defines the culture, discusses methodological concerns, and presents the notion of culture as a process. Understanding cultural dynamics can assist people in getting along with others and being more socially responsible.
When you think of other cultures, you probably see their most apparent characteristics, such as differences in how people dress or the architectural designs of their buildings. Consider different sorts of cuisine or how some cultures eat with chopsticks while others eat with forks. Body language, religious customs, and wedding ceremonies all differ. While these are all clear instances of cultural differences, many more are more difficult to perceive since they are psychological in origin.
Culture is seen in attire and cuisine, but it is also visible in morals, identity, and gender roles. Premarital sex, religious tolerance, respect for elders, and even how much significance is placed on having fun are all topics on which people from different cultures have different perspectives. Similarly, many seemingly natural traits are really artifacts of society. People who use public transit in the United States without purchasing a ticket risk being punished. People found avoiding the fare, on the other hand, are socially humiliated in certain other societies by having their pictures publicly publicized. This "name and shame" campaign may succeed in one community but not in another because people from various cultures differ in their comfort level with being singled out for attention. This method works less well for persons who are less sensitive to the prospect of public humiliation.

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