Pakistan's former PM Imran Khan shot in assassination attempt

Pakistan’s ex-Prime Minister Imran Khan was shot in the foot at a rally Thursday, according to an official from his party, which said the incident was an assassination attempt. #CNN #news


32 thoughts on “Pakistan's former PM Imran Khan shot in assassination attempt”

  1. Imran Khan is a popular voice against powerful mafia that can't be muffled even if he's killed. The voice shall resonate even stronger in the hearts because IK has absolutely exposed the internal & external enemies of Pakistan and its people.

  2. Jedno veliko"Zašto"?? Govor oružja,nosi tugu i žalost ,a nadasve samo produbljuje jaz nedorečenosti.Svakodnevno umiremo zbog prirodnih katastrofa,zloćudnih bolesti,epidemija,slučajnih nesreća,tonemo i nestajemo kao kapljica vode u nabujaloj rijeci.Kome srce ostaje nedirnuto u ovako nemilom događaju?

  3. جنرل عاصم منیر نے قرآن پاک پر حلف اٹھایا اور اعلان کیا کہ سرمایہ کار ہمارے آقا ہیں۔ تلور کا شکار ہو یا بڑے غبارے والی پنجابی خواتین کی چوٹ، آپ کو سب کچھ فراہم کیا جائے گا۔ تاہم چین نے دھمکی دی ہے کہ قرض نہ دینے کی صورت میں ہم ان کے گردے اور کپورے نکال دیں گے۔ ان شاء اللہ s7d6c

  4. When it comes to terrorism (e.g. 26/11) in India news like CNN, BBC, Washington Post, New York times, the guardian, Al Jazeera etc work together and stay silent. Why?

  5. Imran liar should be immediately transferred to Adiala Jail and kept away from the prisoners until he fully recovers so that no human being is affected. This temptation is more dangerous than the corona virus and a bigger enemy than India and a security risk for Pakistan.

  6. Pak army's top brass are the real cause of the whole mess in Pakistan. These top army officers (including current Army Chief) think they can select and de-select any government as they wish. They are above the local law.

    Recently journalists, political workers and Vloggers have been kidnapped, tortured, sexually humiliated, black mailed and even assassinated. Simply, Pakistan at the moment is ruled by an authoritarian regime in from of army generals

  7. this man is biggest lier making youth distract call them and say protest, sweat your blood until we get the independence from corrupt people hey imran you also steal the money from pakistan and acting like you didn't do anything

    if pakistani people protest for their own rights, asking to correct the police law and make the rules strict and in the end people protest against these political guys like imran, nawaz and other, then definitely this country will progress.

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