Pattaya – Red Light, Walking Street, Night Clubs, Parties, Cheap Hotels, Food – Everything To Know

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In this video, I explore the city of Pattaya which is one of the most visited city by Indians in Thailand. It is known for its nightlife and adult scene. The video would provide my experience of visiting the walking street of Pattaya and seeing a lot of go-go bars and ladyboys on my way while trying to find a nice nightclub in Pattaya.

The video shows how to visit Thailand on a budget trip from India and how to reach and explore Pattaya on a budget trip. This video shows the experience of Indians in Pattaya visiting the city known for its nightlife.

The video also provides a full insight on questions like

How Expensive Is Pattaya
How to plan a trip to Pattaya
How to reach Pattaya from India.
Best way to reach Pattaya
Hotel Prices in Pattaya
Hostel Prices in Pattaya
Indian food in Pattaya
And so on.

Pattaya is widely popular for its nightlife and budget friendly accommodation and hence many people from India visit this place a cheap holiday destination with a lot to experience with its nightlife. In this video, I have shown the nightlife of Pattaya, which is a little shady, but quite interesting. It is one of the best places to people watch and sees some weird deals happening on the streets.

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  1. Thanks a lot for stopping by and watching the video guys. I would like to apologize for not being able to reply to comments recently as I am in Thailand and shooting and editing at the same time and also a little ill with fever. I shall be back home soon and will post vlogs every 2 3 days and also reply to comments from there on.

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