President Biden delivers remarks on reproductive health care access

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President Biden and the Vice President Harris attend the second meeting of the Task Force on Reproductive Healthcare Access and deliver remarks; The Secretary of Health and Human Services, the Secretary of Education, the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, the Director of the Office of Management and Budget, and the Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy attend.

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24 thoughts on “President Biden delivers remarks on reproductive health care access”

  1. Please care about the terrible abuse of patients going on all around the country. And now this one in Texas! See it on Reddit. "Nursing Home in Texas abuses elderly man." What if this man was me? or your father, your brother, your son or your husband, or Uncle or a friend? Senior and elderly patients are being mauled, kicked thrown around like a sack, as if they weren't alive. Where is the concern about strict regulations of nursing homes and criminal sentences for the employees who abuse patients? Unless we choose to exit before we end up in nursing homes, the future for practically all Americans, except the very rich looks bleak. We need an administration that will stop and end this HUMAN RIGHTS abuse going on in American nursing homes every single day.

  2. You can't codify Roe into federal law, because the supreme court already struck it down. There is nothing in the constitution that gives a right to end the life of an unborn baby. If you passed a law, the supreme court would eventually strike it down.

  3. Nearly 70% of Americans are looking for extra work to combat inflation
    Published Tue, Sep 27 2022
    "combat inflation"
    …you mean survive.

    One third of inflation-ravaged U.S. households are skipping meals or cutting portion sizes, and two thirds are strapped for cash, a survey says ahead of midterms elections
    By James Reinl, Dailymail
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    Stocks Have Lost $7.6 Trillion in Value Since Biden Took Office!!!

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