Rape Club: Japan's most controversial college society

Rape Club, 2004: Japan’s attitude towards women is under the spotlight following revelations that students at an elite university ran a ‘rape club’ dedicated to planning gang rapes.

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42 thoughts on “Rape Club: Japan's most controversial college society”

  1. She said these things happen very often in their common. No no they're not. And the way you guys sexualize women over there is disgusting. Their property they're nothing more than that. You have Catholic school girls that look like they belong on Playboy because of how short their skirts are. Inflated chests and busting brassiers. And then when a woman does cry rape in Japan just like in India it's her fault she asked for it she's unpure who's going to want her now? That's why it doesn't get reported. Cuz how these little girls grow up being taught that they're nothing. They feel like their second class citizens. It's the same with an escort you can't rape a whore right? It's just like in the United States bro how many times does somebody have to commit a violent sexual felony before they get fucking life in prison? If you want And honest answer you get more for cocaine trafficking than you do raping a 2-year-old. It's disgusting. But it's like that everywhere. You got to wonder where these governors and presidents morals and policies are. It's all right till it happens to somebody they know

  2. How can it be rape if it was consensual? To me this just looks like a bunch of crazy girls doing something they're going to regret when they get older. Don't get me wrong I think this is terrible and I really wish that it would not have happened, but it seems to me the girls knew exactly what they were doing. So now a bunch of guys go to jail and the women become the victims? So again how can it be rape if it's consensual?

  3. When I see such ugly results of uncontrolled relation between man and woman harming society, family and person him/herself, I feel bad for people who don't study or search how Islam manage such relation with very strict high QHSE rules, it just people too lazy to read and learn from books and travel into those countries and just follow media of lies that hides large part of the truth.

  4. After knowing this …i don't want to never be girl in my next birth ….how could men be so bullshit ….i am also man it give me shock very terribly..
    Masculine is when you are rape girl what the fuck …👿

  5. Let the punishment fit the crime. You don't know that she was right or wrong for breaking up with her boyfriend she has a right to leave a person. If she if she did something against him then should be punished by a court or do Carmo. You cannot commit a crime. You are basically saying that he cannot get laid and he has to meddle in other people's business and make it about him

  6. They are brutes with a famous on notorious culture for war. Said that they would turn on their own citizens and fellow human beings but these women should be able to handle themselves

  7. You can’t consent to gangrape.
    You can however consent to being gangbanged.
    The issue is obvious, and serious enough without you pushing the agenda in a wrong, and factually false way.

    These women consented to being gangbanged or “having a train run on them”,they consented therefor they were NOT raped!

  8. no one is wearing a mask…what about covid 19…are them people vaccinated….where are all those people going to the bathroom..?… i do not see any port-A-potties….

  9. i also think adult movies and other adult stuff about men dominating women is one of the reasons leading to such disgusting crimes and should be stopped from being published . a seed will not grow until you provide water to it similarly men dominating women concept and casually taking rape incidents shouldnt be normalized

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