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Welcome to Royal Palace Lawn and Banquet: Premiere Decorators and event visualizers. Whether you are organizing a Wedding, Corporate Event or Birthday Party, amaze your clients with awe inspiring decorations from royal palace lawn. We specialize in Stages, Centerpieces, Fabric draping, LED Lighting, Furniture Rental, Full Crystal decor, Entrance Tables, and much much more. As custom decorators, anything is possible. An event is an event, but an experience is everlasting. Within the Grand scheme it is the minor details which give an event its everlasting ambiance. The most enchanting events are artistry at its best. We specialize in transforming your venues with the creative imagination and the precision of true artisans. Make Your Occasions Memorable.
Contact Us: : 0347-0039390
Facebook : www.facebook.com/royalpalacelawn
Email : royalpalacelawn@gmail.com


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