Rudyard Kipling: Poet, Writer and Nobel Prize Winner | Full Documentary | Biography

The life of the famed British writer who spent his early years in India before returning to England in 1889. Watch as we dive into what solidified his reputation and secured him a Nobel Prize for Literature, in this documentary from Biography.

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42 thoughts on “Rudyard Kipling: Poet, Writer and Nobel Prize Winner | Full Documentary | Biography”

  1. Kipling's parents abandoned him in England when he was 6 years old. He was treated horribly by the people who were supposed to be taking care of him and his sister, and persecuted for being stupid. Turned out he needed eyeglasses. He stayed there until he was at least 10 years old, while his parents were in India. I don't think he ever forgave his parents for that; I wouldn't blame him at all. He wrote several pieces about it, while his parents were still alive. Really terrible to read about it – I felt so sorry for him. I see that the video discusses this awful experience of a little boy. He spent a lot of time in India later. "Kim" is a truly wonderful novel and I highly recommend it. He enriched my childhood with his Jungle Book and Just So Stories.

  2. Around 1960, my mom with her gifted voice and passion, read Rikki-Tikki-Tavi to her youngest three sons. I was captivated. In middle school, I read "Kim" as required reading. On my 18th birthday, my dad gave me an embossed copy of "If." My story is that of so many of my generation. Kipling, Kipling, Kipling….

  3. Why did they take a ship to America, of all times, in the dead of winter? Why did he try so hard to get his son enlisted to go to the front lines? It seems to me he forged some of his own tragedies.

  4. as popular is he was and as much money as they seem to have had Carrie could have hired some nurses some proper nurses to look after both husband and daughter it seems to me that she might have been jealous of the daughter and father relationship because it's not as if they didn't have the resources to hire proper nurses to look after the child

  5. My 2nd great grandfather, Robert Starr Balestier, was Caroline Starr Balestier's uncle who was married to Rudyard Kipling. Carrie's hometown was not Brattleboro, Vermont. She was born in Rochester, New York, where her mother was from, Anne Beatty Smith Balestier. Carrie's father was Henry Balestier. Carrie's father was an Insurance Agent for a firm in Boston. The Boston firm branched out and the firm started an agency in Rochester where Carrie's father met her mother. All 4 children, including Carrie were born in Rochester and brought up there. Carrie Kiplings grandparents, Joseph Neree and Caroline Starr Wolcott Balestier owned a farm named Beechwood outside of Brattleboro, Vermont. Carrie and her siblings spent summers at their grandparents farm in Vermont.

  6. Videographers… I read things so that I can read them. I watch videos so that I can see them. I don't want two second bites of startling images and things I can't see. Rudyard Kipling is the greatest writer, Kim was his masterpiece but he wrote a world of stories and poetry that were my biggest influence, growing up. It should have been and interesting story.

  7. Why is there 2 cartridges sitt'in there like that? Why? They don't have that caliber around here? Who did it? Who put them there? Hmmmm let me think, hmm

    -Medicine Dog Soldier

  8. When I was 10, my eldest brother gave me a boxed set of "The Jungle Book", and "Just So Stories". I fell in love with Kiplings writings then, and have been a fan since. My children, and now my grandchildren are getting to know him too. 44:55

  9. I wish I could count the times I got up, in my drinking days, to recite GUNGA DIN… I later (sober and clear headed by then)…came upon a Kipling anthology at Strand Books. And began to really read his stories, plays and other verses. He wrote with a rhythm and colorful style…engaging, creating a world we could step into if we felt inclined to do so. I sure did….

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