She Did It!

She Did It!

So it’s been over three years since this girl managed to get out in the real world for a fun femme outing. During the Covid outbreak I chose to be abundantly cautious, and frankly getting all dolled up only to don a mask was not appealing to me. The last year or so I’ve dealt with some medical issues that made it impossible to be on my feet longer than an hour or so. So it’s not been the greatest of times, lots of standard boring photo shoots around the farmstead.

I purchased tickets for this event a couple months ago in hopes I could pull it off knowing it would be only six weeks into my surgery recovery. It’s the annual Big Band Xmas show with the Kansas City Jazz Orchestra, this year at Liberty Hall in Lawrence, KS. I even managed to orchestrate a "date" as my best buddy of forty or so years Mr. Mike insisted I needed a gentleman escort.

I used to do stuff like this several times a year, but after this long hiatus I must admit to being pretty rusty. Silly me, I could have chosen something a little less daunting for a first outing…perhaps late night grocery shopping in a nearly vacant store. Nope, went right into the deep end in a theater packed with about a thousand people.

Anyway it was a fabulous experience, great music, good companionship and even a couple glasses of wine during the show. Lots of lovely women dressed very nicely, so I did not feel out of place in a sparkly dress and high heels. It didn’t hurt that Lawrence is a college town and a very accepting kind of community…I’m not the first Transgender person people here have interacted with.

All in all an amazing evening, and now the genie is back out of the bottle.

Posted by Miss Kellie Keene on 2022-12-12 18:12:16


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