THE FINALE-Austria to Afghanistan & Pakistan-25000 KMs [S1- Ep.67]

In this final episode-The Movie I cover the whole experience I had during my 25000 KMs journey from Austria to Afghanistan and Pakistan.
Join me.

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43 thoughts on “THE FINALE-Austria to Afghanistan & Pakistan-25000 KMs [S1- Ep.67]”

  1. What a brilliant series came to an end. This is probably the most entertaining and informative series of this category. The most scariest part was entering Afghanistan. I was a little disappointed how you were received at the Pakistani border, but I'm glad in the end all was figured out. When you tried to enter the forbidden city in Russia, it was scary at first, but the way you were treated in Russia was very pleasant to watch. Broken rear shock absorber on pamir hwy, and despite the unavailability of part, you still managed to get it in 3 days. Your bike's chain broke in Russia, and how locals helped you was very interesting to watch. Great series, excellent! Highly recommended

  2. As Salam o Aleikum!! Arshad bhai.. Aapne kamal kar dikhaya.. What a epic journey all the way from Austria. I got hooked to your videos from last few days and enjoyed thoroughly.. You are a brave man indeed. The most dangerous patch was after Kunduz.. And of course the infamous Salang pass. It was a ride which shall be recorded in history. One major factor of the tough journey was your bonhomie nature and you revealed high level of optimism.. Some scary moments with Talibans.. I have become a fan of yours.. You are indeed a brave heart.. Learnt how to keep cool in moments of despair. I shall be happy to see your next journey insha Allah. Love from India 🇵🇾🇵🇾

  3. Bohat maza ayaa dekh kr.
    Qur'an main b hai k zameen ko explore kro or goor o fikar kro.
    I just loved ur journey and the diversity and Nature created by ALLAH ALMIGHTY Subhan ALLAH

  4. sir u r really courageous to travel in unpeaceful countries with struggle to own life…i would like to invite u to visit 1 week to our lovely country nepal i will surely help u sir.thank u sir😊😊❤️❤️🙏🙏

  5. Fully Summarized Video Package for Every Biker.❤❤❤. Didn't get bored for a second during watching this beautiful journey of yours. Hope to see more of your journeys in the Future.

  6. The way you keep smiling and remain so patient in every kind of tough and tense situation…

    That is really inspiring…

    If u plz include the expenses and other details ..
    That wd be a great help for Future tourists…

  7. Ma Sha Allah this was amazing journey brother. It must have taken weeks to edit this video. I wish to see more bike adventures in future, In Sha Allah!

  8. پاکستانیو یہ وقت ہے لبیک یا حسین کہنے کا اب کربلا شروع ہو چکا ہے حسین پاک کے غلام اپنے ملک کو 13 یزیدیوں سے بچاؤ المدد یا اللہ المدد یا اللہ

  9. An adventurous, brave yet humble soul travelled on bike on the toughest roads and offroads, through challenging countries and toughest border crossings… A highly recommended travel to watch and cherish!! 👍👍

  10. An epic journey with this giant of a man Archie. Will definitely watch the complete season. A brave yet humble soul. Bulkh was very emotional. Hats off to this guy. He deserves much more audience and respect!! ❤️❤️👍👍❤️❤️

  11. Bhai tum chahe aasman se bhi tapko…. Aur pakistan jaoge entry karoge to wo aise hee pesh aayege.. isliye tum Austria se pakistan k geet gate aarhe the thodi der k liye to laga wo tume dekhte hee godh me utha k tere takle pe papi denge 😁😁😁😁😁

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