The Weird Reason This Serial Killer Turned Himself After Murdering 100 People

In December 1999, Pakistan police were about to uncover one of the worst serial killers of all time. A killer who racked up an insane death toll and admitted it to the police, but the worst part was that the victims were children. Today’s new true crime story is extreme and you should be warned that this video is shocking.


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All videos are based on publicly available information unless otherwise noted.


42 thoughts on “The Weird Reason This Serial Killer Turned Himself After Murdering 100 People”

  1. I remember it like it was yesterday, i was a kid back then, my dad was posted in lahore, and we lived near the area, my dad would never leave us alone for a second outside the house. The whole city was in terror when the news broke out.

  2. Pakistan has never dealt with a serial killer before who was as psychotic as Dahmer, Bundy etc. So the cops were just confused at first and found it hard to believe that someone could be this crazy. This was new to them.

    Recently a movie has been made on this killer in Pakistan but it got immediately banned as the authorities say that such individuals deserve to be forgotten unlike Ameirca. To be honest, even I never heard of this killer's name until the movie came out.

    However, the killer is right about police brutality which unfortunately still exists here. But police brutality is not as severe as it was in the past thanks to todays technology, 24/7 media and new generation. It has declined rapidly over the years but the police corruption is still a major problem especially in the state of Sindh.

  3. If I'm not mistaken, he was sexually assaulted by a man when he was a teenager and that affected him in a great way. So he tried to take revenge doing these killings, also the reason he went after poor and neglected teenagers was because he felt that way when he was a teenager himself.

    I'm not sure about this but I read about it a long time ago. So if I'm wrong, forgive me.

  4. i'm Pakistani and trust me the cops there are so mean my mom was scared to report to the police that our family cat got kidnapped before I was born and I wish I met him cause I'm a huge cat person

  5. Well I'm not a conspiracy theorist or something but It can be the vase that judge was also favouring the convict. Like giving an impossible kind of punishment which doesn't exist in constitution lets the case divert in other direction and creates a loop hole for convict.

  6. I think that the authorities hid their incapability and corruptedness by sentencing few persons and put all the blame on them. So they can show themselves to public as efficient.
    I believe that there is more perpetrators in this.

  7. A high-profile criminal murdered in his prison cell, the guards asleep and CCTV not working. Shocking! Something like this could never happen in a civilised country like the USA.

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