Through the Lens of Amrullah Saleh – The Geo-Intelligent Afghan – English Clips Compilation

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👉Video is a compilation of Excerpts from the English speeches and interviews featuring the current and first Vice President of Afghanistan and former Head of Intelligence – Mr. Amrullah Saleh (Select English Clips till 31/07/21).

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00:00 – Introduction & Background
04:41 – Pakistan – Taliban Linkages
48:23 – USA – Taliban Deal Oriented
01:13:14 – Afghanistan Internal Matters
01:32:59 – India Oriented
01:39:39 – Assassination Attempts & Conclusion


14 thoughts on “Through the Lens of Amrullah Saleh – The Geo-Intelligent Afghan – English Clips Compilation”

  1. The more I am knowing about this man, I am admiring him more and more! What a personality! He is class apart. He was and still is continuously non negotiable with terrorism. But now I am really scared! He was so savage back then against taliban and pakistan. He must be protected. He is the asset of Afghanistan.

  2. I used to like him so much back then. He was the only professional figure in the entire afg gov. And then he joined the Great Traitor Ghani and he lost all credibility.

  3. People like Saleh are here to play theatre, get money and gain power. These elites have been playing dice with their own people. What is the result after 20 years? Exactly, no results and no control. Its comical that he always points fingers at Pakistan but wasn't able to stop the taliban for 20 years with NATO and the US in his backyard pumping billions of dollars into this conflict. Saleh gains power from this war and he wouldn't mind this war to go on for another 20 years even if it costs millions of Afghani lives.

  4. why doesnt amrullah saleh mention russia china iran they are all sponsering the taliban dont blame pakistan for your nations mistakes and currupt government

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