World's First Male Sex Doll (Slutever)

Sinthetics is one of the most acclaimed sex doll makers in the industry, known for making dolls that feel incredibly lifelike to the touch (oh, and also for their invention of “the vajankle,” a silicone foot with a vagina built into the ankle, which went viral for obvious reasons). This year, Sinthetics (which is run by a husband and wife) plans to revolutionize sex for women with “manikins”—male sex dolls marketed towards women. While they are unsure if women can surpass the stigma surrounding sex dolls, the company feel the risk is worth it- noting that it’s a “passion project.”

Women have been avid buyers of vibrators and other handheld toys for years, while men have continuously dealt with a much greater stigma around the use of fleshlights and other handheld masturbators. However, somewhat counterintuitively, when it comes to banging a lifelike love doll, men are far more interested than women. But how come? In this episode, we will meet with female clientele of the manikins, and speak to Bronwen Keller and Matt Krivicke, the industry leading doll makers, to find out if 2016 will be the year women embrace the idea of fucking what is basically a giant Ken doll with an erection, or whether they’ll stick with their vibrators, thanks.

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30 thoughts on “World's First Male Sex Doll (Slutever)”

  1. wth YouTube whats with this stuff being recommended 🤣 what ever blowes ur skirt up and tickles ur fancy i suppose but how does this even compare to loseing my emotional support crayons

  2. Giving your soul over to lifeless plastic that can never show affection other than the lifeless stare. I can see there being psychological damage after probably using this for a long time. It looks and feels real but it’s not. You can’t make a real experience out of something that’s not real. God help the ones who get caught up in this.

  3. republican states where you are not allowed to do naughty things, seriously fu you do not know or understand republicans you have a racist and false narrative about who we are. We love to fuck but we don't feel the need to be obviously obscene about it, a little morality and not flaunting it goes a long way.

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